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Too Quick To Quit

When it comes to marriage, Senior Pastor David denHartog reminds us that Christ called us to suffer as He did. It is through this suffering (and this growth) that our faith is refined like gold.

Remarriage: Can I?

Pastor David denHartog takes a look at the Biblical allowances for remarriage.

Is There Any Way Out?

The Biblically accepted reasons for divorce are explored in this part of the series on marriage, divorce, and remarriage.

The Mess We Call Marriage

Marriage is hard, and often it feels like a mess.  David denHartog begins a new series on Marriage, Divorce, and Remarriage, leading to the next chapter in I Corinthians.  In this first part, he teaches about marriage, using select passages in Genesis; helping us to understand 4 seeds that can be sown in your marriage that lead to […]

Holy Matrimony

David denHartog concludes the mini-series on Sex and Spirituality with this passage in I Corinthians 7:1-7 about the Biblical sexual relationship between husband and wife within a marriage.  It is a difficult subject to teach for many reasons and for many a difficult subject to listen to, but he seeks to give a Biblical perspective on […]

Basics…Man, Part 2

Dean Elliott teaches the third in the “Basics” series.  In Genesis 2:18-25, Adam is given a commission by God and how He intended for man to complete it.  God’s intention for man is to show God’s glory to the world.  Adam is also given two clear areas of responsibility.


Dean Elliott begins a series on theological elements in regards to human identity.  Do we know who and what God says we are?  The answer begins with the foundation that is laid in Genesis.