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The Parable of The Compassionate Father

Tom Worthley teaches from Luke 15:11-32, the parable commonly known as The Prodigal Son. Tom helps understand the audience who is listening to Jesus’ parable.  He brings to life the characters of the parable, and wants us to see the compassion of the father to both of his sons.  You are invited to come home; you […]

Radical Love

God loves us tremendously!  When we understand and believe that, we act differently.  But just like hot coffee becomes lukewarm by one degree at a time, so our Christian life and our love for Jesus can cool off one degree at a time.  Don Hunt challenges us to increase one area of our Christian walk […]

Forensics: Life in the Body

David denHartog begins with a question: What do you think of when you hear “church?”  The church exists to make disciples – to become disciples and to make disciples.  In other words, to build up the church.  In I Corinthians 14, Paul gives three factors that are necessary for building up the people within the […]

Forensics: DNA

Dean Elliott teaches from I Corinthians 13, explaining it within its context.  God’s DNA is love, and this is what love looks like.  It is better than any Spiritual gift. Dean also explains last week’s sermon title, “Fingerprints.”  When the Holy Spirit picks you up, by the gifts of the Spirit, and carries you away, he […]

Forensics: Fingerprints

Dean Elliott continues teaching from I Corinthians.  It seems as though the Corinthians have asked Paul, “How can we make ourselves more spiritual?”  Paul answers the question in Chapter 12, emphasizing that no matter what your gift-mix, all of it is wasted if you do it just for you.  

I Love God… Prove It

In this fourth part of the “Well… It All Depends” series, we take a look at the jealousy of God for our hearts and our lives.

I Love People… Prove It

Dean Elliott speaks about loving people (and showing it) in this second part of the “Well… It All Depends” series.

…and They Were Worshiping

Don Hunt dramatically retells the story of the Jailer and Paul, from the Jailer’s perspective, found in Acts 16:16-34.  In order to see the stars in the sky, it has to be dark outside.  In jail, Paul was in a dark situation and he chose to shine by worshiping. Do we shine like stars?  Are […]

From the Inside Out

Dean Elliott talks about what kind of relationship God wants with each of His children and how we can go about getting that relationship.  Scripture based in Psalm 23 and Romans 5:1-5.

Love Speaks

Don Hunt teaches from Acts 16:11-31 about how love speaks when our life and actions match.  We need to live life so that we can win the opportunity to share Jesus.