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Did It Work?

Dean Elliott continues the Behold the King series with Matthew 6:25-34.  Fear will keep us from being generous and better stewards.  Jesus says three times in this passage, “Therefore do not worry.”   Our quiet time and our prayer time should connect us to the goodness of God, set our focus on the kingdom of God, and help […]

Dealing with Murphy

Dean Elliott teaches from John 15:26 to 16:33 about how he deals with Murphy’s law.  How do you react when everything goes wrong?

Need Help??

Dean Elliott continues the “Basics…Part 2” series from Genesis 3:16-24.  We all live in a war zone and there is no spiritually neutral place.  There are demonic powers seeking to destroy you and me, to dominate humans.  This situation can only be remedied by Jesus himself.  Today, we look at two more decrees from God. […]

What’s the Problem??

We live in a world right now that has lots of problems…and we can’t even agree on what the problems are…but to apply the right solution, you have to know the right problem.  God has subjected the world to futility that we might not forget the right problem.  Dean Elliott uses Genesis 3:9-13, where we […]

The Hard Button

Dean Elliott begins his “Basics, Part II” by looking at why God hit “The Hard Button” (instead of the Easy Button) when Adam and Eve sinned.  No one wants difficult or hard circumstances, but if we want to grow in Christ, then we will need to change our attitude about difficulties in this life.  In order to […]

Basics…Sin, Shame

Dean Elliott teaches the last in the “Basics” series on who man is and what our purpose is.  Genesis 2:25 – 3:9 contains a fundamental crisis for humanity – that of shame.  There are three important truths for us: how the crisis happened, why it happened, and the only solution.

Living in an Uncertain World

David denHartog teaches the last in the series “Elisha, Man of God” about an Living in an Uncertain World from II Kings 6:24-7:20.  We need an anchor for our soul when uncertain times leads to desperate situations so that we can be live in joy and share our hope. Other Scripture references: Deuteronomy 28:52-53; Joel 2:13; […]