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Is It Too Late To Begin?

All of us have so many regrets in life; so many failures – and with the regret and failure often comes shame. This is most true of the sin that involves sexual morality.  Is it too late to begin?  What is God’s perspective on our sins of the past?  Pastor Dave continues the mini-series “Sex […]

Waiting…An Event

Dean Elliott reviews the first two parts in the Psalm 40 series and teaches from verses 11-17.  These verses explain how we connect to God when a crisis hits.  It is all the preparation of a daily devotional life compacted into a scream.

Waiting…A Pattern

Dean Elliott teaches the second in the Psalm 40 series on how to feed yourself spiritual food.  Psalm 40:4-10 speaks of a formal pattern that Kind David used when coming before the Lord.


Dean Elliott teaches the first in a series on Psalm 40 about learning to feed yourself, spiritually speaking.  Why is spiritual food important?  What does it mean to feed yourself?  What are your expectations?  Any church is only as strong as the devotional life of its individual people.

Okay, So You’re Right…So What?

Dean Elliott teaches through Psalm 26.  The Psalm is about integrity – what it is; what it isn’t; and what God does with it. In the Psalm, David is being honest about who he is and this honesty allows him to connect with God more intimately.