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A Tough Message for Tough Times

Kevin Bentley teaches from 2 Timothy 4:1-18. The message we are to herald to the world is that of the Word of God. It meets each person where they are in their spiritual journey, in four different ways. Its the message that changes lives! Additional Scripture References: 2 Timothy 3:16; Acts 17; Acts 2; Proverbs […]

Avoiding Malpractice

Dean Elliott teaches from 2 Timothy 1-2.  In church life,  and if we are successful with grace and truth, one will run into a lot of strange characters.  We can spend a lot of time and energy deciding who’s saved and who’s not.  But God says that that isn’t to be our focus.  He is […]

Preach It From the Housetops

David denhartog teaches from Matthew 10:16-42, part of the Behold The King series.  Christians often don’t share their faith due to two fears: the fear of inadequacy and the fear of rejection.  Jesus knows this and gives reasons why we do not need to be afraid.  Will you preach the Gospel from the Housetops?

Your Peace is Your Piece

Dean Elliott continues the “Behold the King” series from Matthew 10:2-15, 40-42.  We are here to share the Good News that God has provided a way of peace with him.  But we often don’t share because we don’t have to in order to survive in our daily lives, even though we are qualified to do […]

Second Thoughts

David denhartog teaches from Matthew 8:23-9:8.  The subject that weaves itself through Matthew 8 is the power of the Lord Jesus Christ to work in you and through you to reach others.  Jesus is preparing a group of men to go forth into the world as his apostles and disciples to preach the Gospel.  God […]

Our Job, Their Job, His Job

Dean Elliott continues Amber Alert: Lost in Johnson County, with a lesson from Mark 4:1-34.  Why does anyone want to listen to Jesus?  They listen because someone tells them about Him.  There are 3 spheres of responsibility when the Gospel is shared – our’s, their’s, and God’s. Scripture references: John 10:19; 2 Corinthians 4:1-5; John 6:44-47 (The […]

Be Clear

David denHartog begins the Amber Alert: Lost in Johnson County series teaching from Galatians 1:6-9 and Romans 3:21-26.  There are lots of lost people in Johnson County.  We are to personally share our faith with those around us.  We need to know what the Gospel is and we need to be clear in our declaration of […]

Fool’s Thought

Dean Elliott continues the Same Page series, with I Corinthians 2:1-5.  After explaining the message of the Gospel, Paul gives his method for conveying the Gospel.  Both seem foolish to the world.

Fool’s Talk

David denHartog continues the Same Page series teaching on I Corinthians 1:18-31.  Disagreements lead to arguments, and arguments lead to division.  The fundamental issue in division is pride.  What is God’s answer to pride?  The foolishness of the Gospel.  What God has done does not make sense to the world.  But, we are not to alter it.


Don Hunt teaches from Acts 4:1-20 about how Peter and John shared their faith and many came to believe.  There is a difference between sharing your faith and sharing your beliefs on how you think a Christian should live.  Peter and John shared despite their lack of formal training, and it was noted that they […]