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The Struggle Is Real: Living the Christian Life in a Fallen World, Part 2

Don Hunt continues the story of Rahab, found in Joshua 6.  Rahab’s faith led her to obedience and action.  Despite her occupation, Rahab’s life had value and God used it for His glory and purposes. Additional Scripture References: I Chronicles 2:11; Matthew 1:5; Romans 10:9-13; Jeremiah 25; James 2:21-25; Hebrews 11:31

How’s Your Eyesight?

David denHartog teaches the fourth in the “Elisha, Man of God” series from II Kings 6:8-23.  Fear is something that we all wrestle with, but the Christian doesn’t need to succumb to living in fear.  The answer for fear in the midst of difficult circumstances is praying and seeing with the eyes of faith.

20/? Vision

Dean Elliott teaches from Luke 18:35-19:10, explaining two stories and three things we can learn about faith – the faith that is required to follow Jesus.  This is part of the section in Luke where Jesus is teaching the disciples about increasing their faith, a request of theirs from Luke 17:5.

Setting The Hook

Dean Elliott continues explaining about the Disciple’s internship with Jesus, who was teaching them how to seek and to save the lost.  For a fisher of men, how is the hook set?  How did Jesus catch you?  He uses four testimonies from Luke 7 to teach four truths about faith and why its so important.

Are Your Bags Packed?

David denHartog teaches from Hebrews 11 about what the Christian can expect on the journey of faith.  What do we need to make sure we pack?  What does the Journey of Faith look like?

When Faith Falters

David denHartog teaches from John 20:1-10 and 30-31.  What can we do when our faith falters and doubts and fears plague our mind?  We look again at the empty tomb, as one of the disciples did that morning Jesus rose from the dead.