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Greater Expectations

Dean Elliott continues the Behold the King  series with Matthew 11:20-30.  When we encounter difficult circumstances and hardships, we can have peace and joy when we come before the Lord and say, “okay, your will be done,” instead of striving to make it though on our own.  Our problem comes from our expectations, not a lack […]

Great Expectations

David denHartog begins again the Behold the King series with Matthew 11:1-19.  We all live with expectations – in  marriage, with our family, in our community, for our church, of God.  They often show up in what we pray about.  And often, our expectations are dashed or broken.  This can bring doubt – about God or […]

Reaching For Adolescence

Don Hunt teaches from Jonah 3 & 4 about what happens when Jonah’s selfish expectations are not met.  Is it right for him to be angry?  Don also calls attention to the many contrasts in the chapters.

I’d Pay Money For That…!

Dean Elliott teaches from Philippians 4:10-20 about giving and why Christians should be characterized by their giving.  Paul gives a definition of Christian giving and 4 reasonable, Biblical explanations of what you can expect in return when you give.