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What’s In It For Me?

David denHartog teaches the last of the “Let Down Your Nets” series on Luke 19:11-27.  Jesus tells a parable to explain that there is a delay of time before the coming of His kingdom, and our responsibility during the interval.  He also explains that what we do in life, with the Gospel, will determine what life […]

Cotton Candy or an Eternal IRA?

David den Hartog explains a parable that Jesus told to the Disciples about stewardship and investment.  The point of the parable is the wise investment of the money that God gives to each one of us.  How do we invest our money? Where can you invest your money to get the most bang for your […]

When Life Takes A Wrong Turn

David denHartog speaks about how we can have joy, even when life takes a wrong turn.  Paul’s life seemingly took many ‘wrong’ turns, but he still expressed joy because he had an eternal perspective.