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Don Hunt teaches from John 20:19-23 about what its like to be ‘sent.’  To be effective, we really need to understand what it means to be sent and who you are sent to and really keep the end in mind.  We also need to follow Jesus and his example.

Fishing 101

David den Hartog teaches the third in the “Let Down Your Nets” series on Luke 5:1-11.  Jesus calls some of the disciples to be fishers of men, instead of fishers of fish.  Do you want to learn how to fish?  Why do you hesitate to fish?  What does it take to be effective fishers of […]


David denHartog teaches from Matthew 4:1-11 which gives the last qualification of Jesus as King before He began ministry.  Many people have to qualify to participate in the Olympics.  We have a desire to be qualified by God’s use to build his kingdom here on earth, to minister to the hearts and lives of people.  We also […]