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God’s Message for a Messed Up World

David denhartog teaches from Matthew 18:1-20 on Easter Sunday.  What is God’s Message for a messed up world?  Is there any hope for change?  The answer to these questions are in the message of the Resurrection and the mission that Jesus gave to His followers before he left this world. Additional Scripture References: Matthew 27:45-61; […]

This Is the Day

He is Risen!!  He is risen indeed.  David denHartog teaches from Romans 8 and John 11 on this Easter Sunday.  There are three benefits that God gives to us. It is for these benefits that we rejoice! Additional Scripture references: Psalm 118:22-24; Romans 7:15-25

What Will I Be Like?

On Easter Sunday, Pastor David asks listeners: What will your resurrection body be like?  There are three possibilities listed in Daniel 12:1-3.  Which one will you be?   I John 5:13 – I write these things to you who believe in the name of the Son of God so that you may know that you have […]

Beyond Reasonable Doubt

There are three standards of evidence in our judicial system: preponderance of evidence; clear and convincing evidence; and evidence that is beyond reasonable doubt.  When it comes to the resurrection of Jesus Christ, there are also three lines of evidence.  Pastor David denHartog explains them and expounds on evidence that is beyond a reasonable doubt […]

The Bottom Line

David denHartog completes the Forever Young series from I Corinthians 15.  In verses 50-58, Paul seeks to motivate us and show us the means that enables us, before he gives us the bottom line.  Why does the resurrection make a difference?  

Good Friday Service

Dean Elliott teaches from Matthew 11:25-30 for the Good Friday service.  Its Friday…but Sunday’s coming!

Timing Is Everything

This Palm Sunday, Dean Elliott teaches from Luke 19 about Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem.  The careful preparation of the Lord allowed those who believed in Him to participate at the right time.  Remembering this time in history allows us an opportunity to remember in whom we trust.

Because He Lives

What is God’s answer to a world and individual lives that are in a mess? This Easter, David denHartog explains 3 important truths that are all connected to the resurrection.  Because Jesus Lives…

Don’t Muddy the Waters

David denHartog teaches from 1 Corinthians 15:1-11 about the essential elements of the Gospel.  People often muddy the Gospel message.  Its unclear to them or to those around them.  What is the Gospel message?  What is God’s desired response to the Gospel?

When Faith Falters

David denHartog teaches from John 20:1-10 and 30-31.  What can we do when our faith falters and doubts and fears plague our mind?  We look again at the empty tomb, as one of the disciples did that morning Jesus rose from the dead.