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Proceed With Caution! Children Present…

Dean Elliott continues the Together series; designed to convince you that you need community and entice you to go find it.  In Matthew 18, Jesus goes to great length to answer the question, “Who then will be great in the kingdom of God?”  Jesus explains three things that will prevent you from being great in the kingdom. […]

Staying Together, Part 1

Dean Elliott continues the Together series by teaching about a key principle that is indispensable for a group to stay together.  From this principle comes a practice for dealing with a offense with a brother. One needs the principle for the practical to work in a community. Main Scripture Passage: Matthew 17:24 to 18:20 Scripture references:  I John 1:8-9; […]

Kingdoms in Conflict

Dean Elliott teaches from Matthew 2:12-23, a horrific account of the aftermath of the wise men’s visit.  God divinely spares Jesus’ life as a young child, but only so that He could be sacrificed for our sins at the appointed time.  Matthew also clearly shows the consequences of rejecting Jesus and of living in a […]

The Short End of the Stick

For many of us, there have been times after a dispute when we feel like we have gotten the short end of the stick.  This is harder to bear when the other person is a professing Christian.  First Corinthians 6:1-11 gives us 5 principles that should govern the Christian’s actions and they apply in all disputes – the […]

Ooops…My Bad!

Dean Elliott teaches in the last sermon on Philippians about gentleness.  Gentleness is to be one of the calling cards of a Christian and often the greatest demonstration comes in the midst of a conflict.  Dean gives us 3 things that we can do to help us be more gentle when we are caught off […]