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The Parable of The Compassionate Father

Tom Worthley teaches from Luke 15:11-32, the parable commonly known as The Prodigal Son. Tom helps understand the audience who is listening to Jesus’ parable.  He brings to life the characters of the parable, and wants us to see the compassion of the father to both of his sons.  You are invited to come home; you […]

You Can Make A Difference

On Missions Awareness Sunday, David denHartog teaches from the book of Micah.  We make a difference by being imitators of God.  What is God like that we can imitate?  Micah is a book that tells us what God is like.  And Micah 6:8 tells us how we can imitate God.  You can make a difference…especially […]

Balancing Act

Dean Elliott continues his previous sermon about the rules of judgement in the body of Christ.  In last week’s sermon, he explained that what we judge must begin with moral clarity – and that not going beyond what is written in the Bible.  We also must have moral consistency.  This week, Dean explains that we […]

Do You REALLY Have Anything Better To Do?

Dean Elliott continues teaching about how to be a fisher of men in the “Let Down Your Nets” series.  He explains two problems, that when combined, become a poison that robs people of their compassion and makes them ineffective as fishers of men.