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Has Messiah Been Here Before?

On Christmas Eve, David denHartog teaches from various Old Testament prophecies.  When Christ comes again, the Jewish people will ask: Has Messiah been here before?

Falling In Love With Christ

David denHartog teaches from Genesis 28 and John 1, in the first part of the Christmas series, “Portraits of Christ in the Old Testament.”  A picture, or knowing what someone looks like, is often the first step of an attraction to someone; leading to falling in love.  The Old Testament paints a picture of Christ […]

Do You Understand?

David denHartog continues the “What’s In the Box?” series with Matthew 13:51-53.  Jesus wants to make sure that his disciples understand all of the parables that he has just taught the about the kingdom of God.  Do you understand?  We need perspective on ministry and sharing the Gospel with others.

What’s In The Box?

Dean Elliott begins our Christmas mini-series, “What’s in the Box?”  We have all seen a child open a present and be disappointed with the gift, or perhaps remember opening one ourselves where we were disappointed with the contents.  Matthew 13:1-23 seeks to answer the questions:  If Jesus is the King, where’s the kingdom and why aren’t […]

Son of Man

Dean Elliott explains the title Jesus most often used, Son of Man.  He was God, but he took on all aspects of humanity.  While this is very difficult to understand HOW this is possible, Dean explains WHY its necessary. Scripture References:  Isaiah 9:6-7; Matthew 8:1-3; Luke 19:1-10

The Lamb of God

David denHartog wishes to give us a deeper appreciation or broader knowledge of one of the titles given to Jesus, in order enhance our worship of Jesus this Christmas season.  Jesus is called “The Lamb of God” twenty seven times in the book of Revelation.  Pastor David uses Revelation 5 as a base to explain […]

Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace

David denHartog begins our Christmas series, “And He Shall Be Called ….”  How can we have joy during this Christmas season, when for so many of us there is hardship, depression, despair, or even just busy-ness and stress?  In Isaiah 8:22-9:7, God gives us a promise and person so that we might have joy and peace. […]

Mazel tov!

Dean Elliott continues the Behold the King series in Matthew 2:1-12, taking a slow and close look at the story of the Magi (or Wise Men).  It is a strange story; one of confrontation and contrast and mystery.  There were people that should have know where to go and what to do, but they didn’t.  And there […]

Security Questions

David denHartog continues the Behold The King series, taking a look at Matthew 1:18-25.  When we are asked security questions, the answers validate that we are who we say we are.  An early Jew that became a believer might also want to validate that Jesus was who He said He was.  We also need to have our […]

All About That Baby – Sunday

The Children’s Ministry of Cleburne Bible Church presents ALL ABOUT THAT BABY, a Sheep-ishly Fun Christmas Musical.  This is Sunday night’s performance.