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The Root of the Problem

David denHartog teaches from Matthew 15:1-20.  Just like pulling grass up by the roots so it won’t come back, so we must also deal with the sin issues of life at the root.  But, how do we get to the root of the problem?  What do we do once we’ve gotten there? Additional Scripture references: […]

YOU Give Them Something to Eat

David denHartog teaches from Matthew 14:13-2.  Many in our world are infected by the coronavirus but there is a bigger virus that effects everyone – the virus of sin.  We have the medicine that will heal them from their sin…the Word of God and the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  What factors are necessary for you […]

23 and Me

Dean Elliott teaches from Psalm 23.  It is a cradle to grave depiction of all that God promises to those who are His.  In this time, when we are confronted with the same days and the same needs and not much to work with, it is good to remind ourselves of the fundamental essentials that […]


David denHartog teaches from Hebrews 12:1-13 about endurance.  How do we endure through difficult circumstances and during hard times?  Why does God allow adversity?  What does endurance look like and how can we practice it? Additional Scripture references:  Hebrew 11; Philippians 4:13; Colossians 1:22-23; Isaiah 40:28-31; Philippians 2:14-15  

Spiritual Salesperson or Journey Mate?

David denHartog teaches from John 4:1-26, the account of the Woman at the Well.  Many of us have been taught to memorize a presentation when sharing the Gospel with others, but its not where most of us are in the ability to share our faith.  Its not how we are most comfortable sharing.  The model […]

A Royal Priesthood for His Praise

Kevin Bentley teaches from I Peter 2:4-9, a reminder to be who God has called us to be and our role as believers.  He weaves together the Old Testament and the New Testament to explain the priesthood.  He walks us through five of the responsibilities of the priests and what that would look like for […]


David denHartog teaches the end of the Sermon on the Mount, found in Matthew 7:21-29.  How do you prepare for difficult days, hard trials, and circumstances beyond our control?  How do you do those days well?  How do you become strong enough to endure the difficult circumstances of life? Additional Scripture references: Proverbs 4:8; Psalm […]


David denHartog continues the Sermon on the Mount, with Matthew 7:13-20.  Every day we are faced with choices.  In reality, there are two major choices that we have in life.  Jesus describes these choices and then he gives us a warning about those that might lead us into the wrong choice.  This is the Epilogue […]

Radical Love

God loves us tremendously!  When we understand and believe that, we act differently.  But just like hot coffee becomes lukewarm by one degree at a time, so our Christian life and our love for Jesus can cool off one degree at a time.  Don Hunt challenges us to increase one area of our Christian walk […]

Hearing God’s Voice

David denHartog continues the story of Samuel in the Making a Difference series.  As Samuel heard God’s voice in I Samuel 3, he was asked to speak into the life of the High Priest of Isreal.  For the life of the High Priest was a mess.  God is also calling us, as believers in Jesus Christ, to speak […]