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An Open Hand

David denHartog completes “The Language of Generosity” series on tithing, stewardship and giving generously.  Greed and fear are elements that work against generosity.  How do we counter these?  Seeing the blessings that come to those that give motivates you to give.  What are the blessings of generosity?  The Apostle Paul outlines them in II Corinthians […]

Wisdom and Blessing

Dean Elliott teaches on Psalm 37, the final sermon in the A Life God Blesses series.  It is a favorite Psalm of a lot of people and it encapsulates the idea of how to obtain the greatest blessing now and in the future.  It is designed to instruct people on how to live lives with wisdom.

An 11th Commandment

David denHartog teaches through Psalm 136.  There is a two-point truth that the Psalmist wants us to know and understand.  He tells us that we are to be a people that give thanks to God, and explains why we give thanks. Pastor Dave challenges us to write out every little blessing that God has given us […]


David denHartog addresses the question of WHY do people who are following God’s will suffer?  They are walking in fellowship with God to the best of their ability, and when terrible things happen, they often ask, “What did I do wrong?”  Psalm 44 addresses the question as well.  Discover the progression of thoughts and the psalmists response […]

So…What’s the Blessing?

Dean Elliott teaches from Romans 11:25-32.  There are three things that come from understanding God’s promises to the Jews.  God promises a person, a people, and a place.  There is also a plan that will progress in which all the peoples of the earth will be blessed.  What is the blessing? At the beginning of the sermon is […]

Set in Stone

Dean Elliott uses Jacob’s prayer found in Genesis 32:22-32 to challenge our concept of prayer and blessing.  Prayer is not like chisel and a hammer and carve out something that we like (like in the Greek myth Pygmalion).  But rather, when you have a real encounter with God, He uses it to change you.  Prayer […]

Don’t Forget

Dean Elliott teaches from Deuteronomy 8:1-6 about some things that Christians need to remember if we want to be blessed.  Moses offers an analysis of the mistakes of the first half of a particularly terrible game with Israel.  They saw a bunch of miracles, but there was no blessing because they were disobedient.