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Old Faithful – A Fresh Look

Psalm 23 is like Old Faithful – it erupts into our lives on a regular basis.  Many of us have memorized it with our minds, but not mastered it with our lives.  David denHartog goes slowly through Psalm 23 and invites us to take a fresh look at it, and allow the words to sink deep […]


David denHartog addresses the question of WHY do people who are following God’s will suffer?  They are walking in fellowship with God to the best of their ability, and when terrible things happen, they often ask, “What did I do wrong?”  Psalm 44 addresses the question as well.  Discover the progression of thoughts and the psalmists response […]

Song Selection

Dean Elliott explains Psalm 1, outlining four characteristics of the life that God blesses.  What are you going to sing to yourself when times are good?  When they are bad? Additional Scripture References: Matthew 5-7; Deuteronomy 10:12-16; Luke 24:25-27, 45-46; Psalm 32