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What America Needs Now

David den Hartog teaches the first in a series from 1 Kings 17.  This was a time in Israel’s history where the state of the nation was just as bad as America’s culture today.  “What America Needs Now” is people that are committed to believe and live under the authority of God’s Word.

You Don’t Have To Pack Your Bags

David denHartog teaches the first of the fall series from Matthew 9:35-10:8.  America is different today than it was 60 years ago, or even 20 years ago.  It is going to take something different to reach a different America.  What does that mean for our lives?  How can we make a impact?

Helping Your Child Avoid the Narcissism Epidemic

David denHartog explains that narcissism is an over-inflated view of one’s self and seeing life as revolving around them. It is ultimate self-centerdness.  Not many people are clinically diagnosed with narcissism, but there is at least a bit of selfishness in each of us and in each of our children.  What can we do in our parenting […]

Against All Odds

David den Hartog teaches from the book of Luke, in the first of the Christmas 2013 series.  There are times in this life when the odds are stacked against us.  And, as people of God living in a post-Christian culture, we no longer have the freedom to speak freely about our faith.  God has called […]

Life Outside the Fishbowl

Dean Elliott teaches from John 3:1-3 and various other scriptures in the fifth of the Once Captive series – how to not only survive, but to thrive in a culture that opposes what we believe.  There are 4 things we need to be aware of in order to go deeper and be able to thrive: […]

A Chain, A Cutter, and Freedom!

David denHartog teaches from 1 Peter 1:3-9 and 13-17 in the first of the Once Captive Series.  The church has often become imprisoned by the culture in which we live.  We are living our lives not in conformity to the word of God, but under the influence of the culture in which we live.  We […]

How Should We Then Live?

David denHartog prevents a preview for the Fall series and the year’s focus on “Proclaiming Christ Boldly.”  He teaches today from 1 Peter 2 about what we must first do to lay the foundation for sharing our faith.   We must BE something before we can SAY something to those living around us and share the Gospel. […]

Keepin’ the Fire in the Fireplace

Dean Elliott teaches in the last on his series on homosexuality by addressing what God’s purpose is for sex.  If we are to carry on a conversation with those in the world, then we need to understand where our culture is coming from and what they believe about sex.  We also need to know and […]