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Does It Work?

Dean Elliott teaches the last in the “What’s Missing?” series from Titus 3:8-15.  The end of Titus focuses on the church’s responsibility to the outside world.  Does our attitude of humility produce actions?  Actions that we need to take for the world to listen to us and the message of the Gospel.

Love Speaks

Don Hunt teaches from Acts 16:11-31 about how love speaks when our life and actions match.  We need to live life so that we can win the opportunity to share Jesus.


Kevin Bentley teaches from Matthew 25:13-30 on the Parable of the Talents.  In the game of Risk, if you risk nothing then you’re probably going to gain nothing.  There is also an element of risk in our spiritual lives as well.  This parable is about how saving faith manifests itself in practical terms and eternal […]

Life in the Fishbowl

  Dean Elliott uses a fish in a bowl to explain certain aspects of culture and he reviews the truths learned in the previous three sermons.  Dean uses John 4:19-26 to explain why the majority of Christians are not living life as the Bible states they should.  Where is the breakdown between what we know and […]

Mission Impossible 1:1:2:2

Dean Elliott teaches from John 2:23-3:21 about how God has to be involved in what He’s asked us to do, or it really is an impossible mission.  

How Should We Then Live?

David denHartog prevents a preview for the Fall series and the year’s focus on “Proclaiming Christ Boldly.”  He teaches today from 1 Peter 2 about what we must first do to lay the foundation for sharing our faith.   We must BE something before we can SAY something to those living around us and share the Gospel. […]