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Stewardship…more than Money.

Dean Elliott teaches from Acts 22:22 through 23:11. Everyone has a conscience. Consciences can have different opinions than others. This can help believers discern when to or when not to, share certain parts of their story in order to best impact different people most effectively. We will see this example done in Paul, in today’s […]

Forward By Faith

We will continue moving forward with our new building campaign. But what exactly does forward mean? Dean Elliott teaches about the biblical difference between God’s promises and our own presumptions. We cannot see what is in the future when we choose to move forward, but we know that God is faithful to His promises, which […]

“You Might Be Doing Better Than You Think”

Dean Elliott teaches from Acts 19:21-41. We will see what a win in Christianity looks like in today’s world. We will also see how it may be time for those who have been successful, to begin using a new strategy. Lastly, we must never forget that even when we experience success as Christians, the enemy […]

Hindsight is 20/20

Dean Elliott teaches from Acts 18 and 19. Sometimes God doesn’t immediately, if not at all, open doors for us even though we are trying to do good things. God’s plans are greater than ours and He could be preparing something far better than we could have imagined or anticipated on our own. In today’s […]

The Assault on Grace

Dean Elliot teaches from Acts 15. In today’s passage, we will see the fourth internal threat to the church. Peter will point out that keeping rules and traditions does not get people into heaven. Only by grace people can be saved through faith in Jesus. That’s it, nothing else. Additional Scripture References: Acts 14:27-28; Romans 3

Putting Boots on the Ground

Dean Elliott teaches from Acts 13. In addition to praying for the Lord’s Kingdom to come, we must also pray for people who are willing to do His kingdom work and God will use those who are faithful and obedient to His will. The Jewish church has spread, so now we will begin to see […]

On Your Mark. Get Set. Go! or No?

Dean Elliott teaches from Acts 11. As stated in last week’s sermon, when something is mentioned several times in one passage, it’s very important. In today’s passage, we will see how believers have an important job to do and that job will not be fully accomplished until Jesus returns. We will also see how we […]