Loving One Another Sacrificially

Dean Elliott teaches from Ephesians 4 and 5. In order to be spiritually successful, have victory over sin, and be everything that God designed us to be, we must surrounded ourselves with other Christians. Although relationships can be challenging, they are well worth it. The challenges we may face in our relationships with one another, […]

Following the Bible Faithfully

Dean Elliott teaches from 2 Timothy 3:10-17. Are you identifying yourself as a people of “The Book”? Respect for the Scriptures has been on the decline and is only getting worse, since many see it as boring and irrelevant during this time period. The New Testament Scripture has promised life transformation through the Holy spirit […]


Dean Elliott teaches on Isaiah 41. Isaiah is one of the most beautiful books in Scripture due to it exalting God’s glory and wonder. There are three points introduced in this passage: fear, trade and trust. Often times we reach out to our idols when fearful. Instead, we must learn to exchange this habit by […]


Dean Elliott teaches from Luke 10.  As we face failure, we can choose to quit or choose to lie and hide our failures.  If one chooses not to quit, how should one proceed?  This passage talks about how we live in the new covenant and includes a summary of the law, found in the Old […]

Slippery Truth

Dean Elliott teaches from Luke 3.  Its a slippery truth to know that God’s plan for you life would include failure.  We walk in a world where failure is imminent, and one can choose to quit or settle for a lesser standard.  But God wants us to choose something different — to embrace what only […]

The Monster in our Midst

*Please note – this sermon is preached from a passage that requires maturity.  The message is suitable for pre-teens and teens. Please be prepared to answer any of your children’s questions should they arise after referencing Leviticus 18.  Thank you for your support as we look through all of Scripture as the infallible, inspired Word […]


Dean Elliott teaches on Leviticus 12-15.  We live in a world that is broken; a world that doesn’t work right.  There are circumstances beyond our control, tragedies and difficulties, and not all of it is for only the unbeliever.  What are the circumstances of Leviticus 12-15?   Why would God give these laws?  Where does […]

Strange Fire

Dean Elliott teaches from Leviticus 10, which has three distinct parts.  There is an incident and an accompanying proclamation, then the first piece of statutory law for priests that seems out of place because it is not with the rest of the rules found later in Leviticus, and an epilogue narrative.

From Clueless to Godly

Dean Elliott teaches from Leviticus 5:14 – 6:7.  This offering is an continuation, and subcategory, of the sin offering that was taught last week and is in regard to any of the Lord’s holy things.  How do we move from being clueless about our sins to being Godly?  How do make things right with God, […]

I’m Okay? You’re Okay? We’re okay.

Dean Elliott teaches from Leviticus 3 and 7. The Peace Offering is the third and center of five offerings.  There are three important points to keep in mind as we study this offering: 1. What part of the meal is it?  2. Who’s invited to the meal?  3.  What’s the occasion? Additional Scripture references: I […]