Serve in the Church


Provides spiritual growth, Bible study and fun for ages 3 years through 6th grade each Wednesday evening at 6:30 during school term. (Note: 6th graders have the option of attending Youth Group.)
SERVICE OPPORTUNITY: Listening to Bible verse memorization, game time, counsel time, snack time and well as setting up and helping with special events.
POINT OF CONTACT: Jeremy or Samantha Longoria, 817-933-2578


Ministers to members that have had a loss of a father, mother or child by preparing food to be served to the family before or after the funeral.
SERVICE OPPORTUNITY: Prepare meals for bereaved families on a rotating schedule
POINT OF CONTACT: Iris Browder, 817-556-2195 or Millie McWilliams, 817-648-8811



Maintains the church facility and grounds for regular church services and well as special events.
SERVICE OPPORTUNITY: Many ways to serve, such as mowing grass, weeding beds, spreading mulch, cleaning rest rooms, and setting up for special events among others.
POINT OF CONTACT: Brian Goodman, 817-641-8142


Provides care, encouragement and learning opportunities for infants through age 3(Nursery) and age 4 through kindergarten (Preschool).
SERVICE OPPORTUNITY: Teacher, leaders, helpers
SPECIAL NOTE: For the safety of our kids, background checks and ministry-safe training are required for all volunteers. Youth are screened by application through youth and children’s ministry.
POINT OF CONTACT: Barbara Valerio, 817-648-9878 or.
email Barbra


A ministry to bless and instruct First through Fifth Graders through Sunday morning Bible study.
SERVICE OPPORTUNITY: Teachers, leaders, helpers
SPECIAL NOTE: Background checks and ministry-safe training is required of all children’s ministry volunteers. Youth are screened by application through youth and children’s ministry.
POINT OF CONTACT: Vicki Neutzler, 817-980-9091 or.
email Miss Vicki


Provides registration of children for attendance in Sunday School located in the Children’s Ministry wing of CBC.
SERVICE OPPORTUNITY: Serve parents by assisting as they register their children at the computer stations.
POINT OF CONTACT: Karen Sarver, 817-501-9060 or.
email Karen


Enables the congregation to worship in communion by making the elements ready to be served.
SERVICE OPPORTUNITY: Prepare communion elements and tables for Sunday and special services and clean up after the worship service.
POINT OF CONTACT: Joe and Emma DiStefano,
Email Emma


Enables the congregation to worship in communion by serving the elements.
SERVICE OPPORTUNITY: Teams of two people (usually husband and wife) serve communion elements from the front at the end of the Sunday services and special services.
POINTS OF CONTACT: Rick Valentino for first service, 827-253-4212 or Tom Whitehurst for second service, 817-307-430


Serves to connect both visitors and attenders to Cleburne Bible Church so that each person is truly a part of the Body of Christ.
SERVICE OPPORTUNITY: “Connectors” help persons who are completing Discovery Class (new members class) become familiar and connect with the classes, programs and fellowships of CBC.
POINT OF CONTACT: Nina Mangrum, 817-517-7759 or Beth Den Hartog, 817-648-3776


THE GUARDIANS MINISTRY – Provides a safe environment for all who worship and study with us at CBC. Responds to crises or emergencies, e.g., medical, fire, flood, hazardous material spills or other dangers.
SERVICE OPPORTUNITY: Serve during regular Sunday services and all special events to be aware and respond to any emergency. Law enforcement, medical or fire-fighting experience helpful but not required. Interview process and background check required.


Thumbnail HandsOnHANDS ON CONSTRUCTION TEAM – CBC outreach aimed to bless the elderly and less fortunate of our community with construction and handyman work to make life easier and safer for them.
SERVICE OPPORTUNITY: Serve the community by repairing or constructing as needs arise. Ability with tools and knowledge of construction helpful but not required.
POINT OF CONTACT: Guy Smith, 817-487-2544


Provides accommodations for visitors as needed.
SERVICE OPPORTUNITY: Provide a host home for visiting missionaries or in the summer for counselors for Camp in the City. A list of potential host homes is kept at the church office.
POINT OF CONTACT: Church Office, 817-641-8142


iServe Missions provides many ways to serve our community outside the walls of CBC. You may volunteer for any or all the opportunities.
–God’s Thanksgiving: Sign-up sheets available prior to the event to prepare a sack of groceries, prepare hot food for dinner, organize sacks of groceries, serve as greeter, usher, registrar, etc. Many opportunities for service at this annual event.
–Teacher School Luncheons: Prepares and serves lunch to teachers of Cleburne schools.
–TEAM School Luncheons: Prepares and serves lunch to teachers and students of TEAM School.
–Bicycle Repair and Restoration: Repairing & providing donated bicycles to the needy.
–Community Clean-up: Mow, rake, trim shrubs and trees, haul trash to improve the community
–Cooking Team: Grills, smokes or barbecues meats to be served at special events sponsored by CBC.
–Goatneck Bike Race: Prepares and serves refreshments to bike race participants at the annual event.


Many ways to serve in providing our attendees a warm and welcoming atmosphere on Sundays and stress-free, pleasant meal experience during special events.
1. Prepare and serve Sunday coffee service for both services — 7 to 11:30 AM
2. Help with luncheons, normally on Sunday — set up, serve food, clean up
3. Washing dirty towels each week
POINT OF CONTACT: Freddia Gray, 817-291-0535


The team serves to bless the seriously ill and their immediate family by preparing and delivering meals for those who are recovering from hospitalization, serious illness, medical treatment, surgery, childbirth, etc.
SERVICE OPPORTUNITY: Prepare a meal for the family on a rotating schedule.
POINT OF CONTACT: Cheryl Simmons, 817-558-7684 or 817-307-7863


Serves to record various CBC events of CBC by still photographs and/or video.
SERVICE OPPORTUNITY: Do photography and/or video for events and updates to the CBC website.
Also, CBC would like to produce and edit our own videos of testimonies to be placed on our website and/or used in Sunday morning worship.
POINT OF CONTACT: David denHartog, 817-202-3776 or
email the church office


Serves by engaging in intercessory prayer during various CBC events. Helps people connect with God; to experience God; to hear His voice, His love, His gifts, His healing power and His Holy Spirit.
SERVICE OPPORTUNITY: Serve by engaging in intercessory prayer and by praying with individuals during various CBC events and by sharing the Gospel message when possible.
POINT OF CONTACT: Gary Dempsey, 817-526-1747


is designed and determined to make a lasting spiritual impact in the life of students during Sunday morning and Wednesday evening study and worship and summer camps and mission projects.
Small Group Leader facilitates weekly small group Bible study lessons; connects with one student per week outside the small group meeting; cares for student’s needs.
Small Group Assistant assists the small group leader; interacts with one student per week outside the small group meeting; disciples teens; teaches occasionally; helps the kids support the leader; cares for students
Small Group Host welcomes students into their home on a regular basis; is involved in open conversation before and after Small Group meeting; provides space for small group meeting; cares about students more than their furniture
Prayer Team Coordinator maintains a team of adults who will pray for students and leaders regularly; communicates prayer needs
Greeting Team attends youth group on a regular basis, rotating with others to welcome students; greets ALL students; presents a friendly, good-times vibe; introduces and tries to connect new people; distributes event flyers, calendars, student info cards, etc.; follows-up with new students during the week.
Game-Master plans a wide variety of games, hunts, activities and competitions for youth group; plans small-room icebreakers; gets all necessary supplies; works with Leadership Team for special events
Helps Team arrives before events to help with snacks in Kitchen; provides great food/snacks for a small groups/leaders; sets up events and helps tear down and clean; organizes many behind-the-scenes tasks.
Drama Team; plans dramas for student ministry programs; works to coordinate students for dramas.
Media/Tech Team plans videos for student ministry programs; edits videos; assists in sound booth (running slides, lights or sound board for worship services.
Email Kevin Sale


Ministers to the sick and to those awaiting surgery and staying with families during surgery.
SERVICE OPPORTUNITY: Visit the sick and the families of the sick. Would require some familiarity with our people and a shepherd’s heart and skill in providing support.
POINT OF CONTACT: Church Office, 817-641-8142


Ministers by calling on those who have visited the church or those who are new members.
SERVICE OPPORTUNITY: Every visitor to Cleburne Bible Church is called if they register. Much of this is done by staff, but additionally there may be opportunity to assist by calling prospective Discovery Class members to learn of their intention and interest.
POINT OF CONTACT: Church Office, 817-641-8142


ministers to each person who enters CBC by welcoming them with a genuine smile, a warm word and a hand shake or hug. We serve to make our visitors feel especially welcome by ensuring they have guidance to their next stop whether it is children’s wing, coffee bar, kiosk to register or a seat in the worship center. The goal is to bring visitors through the door, tell them what we are about and what we offer and make sure they are comfortably seated, with coffee if desired.
–Greeter: Meets each person who enters the church with a warm smile and handshake. If they appear uncertain, directs them to the appropriate place, makes conversation.
–Usher: Distributes bulletins and seats people. When service is crowded, finds a seat for each person.
–Parking Attendant: Directs parking and assists those who need it.
TEAM LEADERS: Eric Dumas, Freddia Gray, Jim Ely, Rick Enright


Thumbnail WomensWOMEN’S MINISTRY
Provides opportunities for spiritual growth, Christian maturity and camaraderie for the ladies of CBC and our community through prayer, Bible study, fellowship events and special spiritual growth events.
SERVICE OPPORTUNITY: Child care for Mom Link one Tuesday a month from 9:30 to 11:30.
POINT OF CONTACT: Carol Jones, Leigh Worthley, Debbie Dempsey


Leads the congregation of CBC in worship and praise of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ in voice, instruments and drama.
SERVICE OPPORTUNITY: Ministry opportunities include: Instrumentalists and vocalists, but requires an audition. Other opportunities: Tech booth assistants in sound, lights, and video, stage crew, and camera operator.
POINT OF CONTACT: Tom Worthley, 817-641-1842 or
Email Tom