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The iServe team meets and serves out of Cleburne Bible Church.



iServe Missions provides many ways to serve our community outside the walls of CBC. You may volunteer for any or all the opportunities.


–Teacher School Luncheons — Approximately once a month a lunch is prepared and delivered to a Cleburne ISD Campus where we feed the teachers and staff of the school

–TEAM School Luncheons — Several times a year a home made lunch is prepared and served to the teachers and students of TEAM school.

–Teacher’s Lunch at CBC – Once a year in August during teacher in-service, we invite all the teachers and staff of Cleburne ISD to CBC and serve them lunch.

–Community Clean-up – Periodically service events are scheduled to clean up properties around Cleburne.

— Follow the Star – This December 5 & 6, 2020 event is designed to invite our community to come join us on a journey back through the birth, crucifixion, and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ. It will be an outdoor presentation that utilizes the open field next to CBC and involves live actors and animals. Please look for the Volunteer signup sheets coming soon!


To reach people where they are and nurture them into a mature relationship with Christ.


To reach our community by offering relief and developments through serving, loving and guiding.


Serving with excellence.
Loving sacrificially.
Guiding each one to the next step.


Schools:  building relationships with the school and meeting needs  (outdoor learning center; teacher lunches)

Community Involvement: Meeting needs in the community  (community-wide Thanksgiving Feast; city-wide work days; community garden)

Less Fortunate:  building self-worth in individuals  (food distribution; disaster relief)

Meet the Team

Nina Mangrum
Debbie Edwards
Carolyn Smith
Sarah Williams
Joe Browder
Stan Gray
Levi Hardcastle
Gary Dempsey
Mark Hines