What started as a small Bible study back in 1980, soon launched a mission that has literally changed thousands of lives in Cleburne, Johnson County, and far beyond. That mission: To reach people wherever they are in their spiritual journey and nurture them into a maturing relationship with Christ. Moving to a modest storefront near the downtown square in the fall of 1980, this tiny band of believers grew to be known as Cleburne Bible Church, known as a place to slow down, to think and refocus. It is here that young and old, single and married, have learned and relearned to hear God’s voice, reflect on His works, rehearse His deeds and obey His word!

So it’s no surprise that folks love it at Cleburne Bible Church. But what’s the attraction that keeps people coming back week after week, year after year? In one or two words, many are saying: Bible-based, Christ-centered, acceptance, relationships, friendships, family, loving, supporting, encouraging, and of course, grace. Perfect saints? You’ll find none here, just individuals and families on a spiritual journey together. Cleburne Bible Church isn’t just a place and it’s not a club. Instead, it’s where people are helping each other live everyday life with profound purpose where “Grace Makes a Difference”!

At Cleburne Bible Church, grace is not an empty word. Grace is a deliberate act where members freely share its blessing with each other and the world around them. Grace is accepting you for who you are, not what you’ve done. And it’s not making you obey a set of rules to gain approval. Grace begins and ends with God – not because we deserve it or earn it – but because He loves us completely just as we are.

Since it’s beginning, Cleburne Bible Church has grown and expanded, grown even more, and expanded again and again to meet the increasing demands – not just for space – but an increasing desire to connect with God, knowing Him in a very real and personal way. In so many ways, Cleburne Bible Church is still the same church it was in 1980 – faithful to God’s Word and prayer, diligent about its mission. While the needs of those we touch have changed, our mission never has. Cleburne Bible Church is a refuge for people needing to be still and know God. It is a place where eternity begins for some and is renewed in others.

We hope you sense our excitement about what God is doing here at Cleburne Bible Church. If you’re in the midst of a spiritual investigation or looking for a church home, come be a part of our church family and discover a church Where Grace Makes a Difference!