Currently Serving on the Elder Board: David denHartog, Bobby de la Garza, Brad Marshall, Dean Elliott, and Rodney Bryant

The Elder Board is a volunteer, nominated position. They serve as a group by making governing decisions regarding our church. They serve individually in many different areas. You may read their bios (below) to learn more about each of them.

Brad Marshall







Bobby de la Garza
I came to faith one month before my 28th birthday in Corpus Christi, Texas. Even though I had attended church all my life, I came to the realization that I had “religion” but I did not have a relationship with Jesus Christ. I thought I was a good guy because I attended church. The Lord revealed that my “righteousness” was like filthy rags compared to Christ. I wept and repented before the Lord. He gave me a new life! Passing the baton of Christianity to our next generation is important to me. I serve in Childrenʼs Ministry by teaching 4th & 5th grade boys during the 10:00 a.m. service. I enjoy challenging them to read their Bibles and to apply Godʼs word to their lives. I want to help them understand that the Bible applies to their lives on a daily basis, so we discuss things such as why itʼs important to say no to drugs before they are offered to you; what do you do when you encounter a bully at school; what does the Bible say about obeying parents; what about evolution? Children are important to God, so they are included in my busy schedule as owner of a successful auto dealership, involvement in several civic organizations, volunteering in many areas of ministry and mission trips abroad. Busy? Yes! But the need is great. Will you join the team and help us reach the children of this community and church for Christ? I am blessed to serve!

Rodney Bryant


David denHartog and Dean Elliott’s (photo here) bios are listed on the Staff page.

Elder Emeriti

These Elders, who have served on the Elder Board in years past, are listed with their wives.  All remain as honored and esteemed leaders in the church.  Each were instrumental in the life of Cleburne Bible.

Val and Charlotte Loose
Pat and Marsa Lee Linkenhoger
Richard and Betty Lee
(Sam and) Lana Jo Hommel
Joe and Iris Browder
Larry and Vicki Neutzler
Marc and Rebecca West
Les and Carol Long