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Sunday, June 14

Dear CBC Family,
Over the weeks since opening again for worship there has been a definite uptick in attendance from the first week up to the past couple of weeks. With Children’s Ministries opening this coming Sunday, June 14, we expect another increase in adult attendance. Because we have been at, or near, capacity with the original 25% limit placed on us by the required social distancing seating patterns, we will now need to expand our ability to seat people. Most venues are being allowed to expand to either 50% or 75% capacity, therefore we feel it necessary to expand seating capacity to those numbers as well. As of June 10, the last reporting date before this email was composed, out of 43 reported cases of COVID in Cleburne, 38 are recovered with only 5 being active.
Consequently, our plan is as follows:
  • As you enter the church building hand sanitizer will be provided, but no one will be required to “take a pump.”
  • Upon entering the church you will be asked whether you prefer seating in the “social distancing” section or the section where people will be seated in closer proximity to each other. You will then be directed toward your seating preference.
  • People entering the worship center will continue to be escorted to their seats by ushers who will be wearing a face mask.
  • Face masks are optional to all who attend, but we do encourage those who are in the groups designated by health officials to be more susceptible to the COVID-19 virus due to age or compromised health issues, or who simply desire more caution, to wear a mask.
  • One side of the church will be designated for people to sit in every row instead of every other row as in the past few weeks. In addition we may need to ask those who are seated in this section to sit closer together than the two chair separation between family units that we have employed these past weeks.
  • On the other side of the church we will observe social distancing guidelines, meaning people in this section will only be seated in every other row, keeping two chairs between family units.
  • Dismissal after services will be, as it has in the past weeks, with ushers dismissing people by rows with those preferring social distancing being dismissed first, from the back row to the front row.  Additionally, though it will be seasonally warm, we want to ask you to, as much as possible, fellowship out of doors so as to allow flow of people in and out of the building.
  • Our Facilities Management team will continue to disinfect chairs between services.
In following this protocol, our goal is to accommodate and respect the various concerns about the perceived danger, or perceived lack of danger, of the virus. None of us really knows.
Thank you for your cooperation. We know there are many different viewpoints regarding the origin, danger, politicizing, and more, regarding this virus. We are doing our best to address the various needs, concerns, and viewpoints.
With gratitude for all of you,
Dave on behalf of the elders and staff of CBC.

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