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Quilt Silent Auction

The fabric designs in these quilts were lovingly sewn together by Sibyl Beasley. Sibyl desired to contribute to the children’s Next Generation Now building fund. Instead of pledging a cash amount, she pledged her quilts in hopes of raising funds to make a significant contribution. Diana Hendricks from Pasadena, Texas volunteered her time and materials for all the finishing work. She donated the backing, filler, bias trim and the actual stitching of the quilt tops to the backs. (Diana is Vicki Neutzler’s sister-in-law). After many hours of creating between these two women, who have never met, the quilts are ready for auction.

Bids will be taken until the end of the children’s Christmas musical on Dec. 10. Highest biding persons will be contacted on Monday December 11. Thank you, Sibyl and Diana, for such beautiful works of heart that demonstrate not only your creative skill but your desire to help us reach the next generation with the Good News of Jesus!

Sibyl Beasley’s Story

From explosive anger to beautiful quilts!

My father was a sweet, lovable, man of Spanish heritage. He believed that if you say what you feel or yell when you get angry you would never have ulcers. His words often hurt, but that’s a story for “The Journey.” I followed in his foot steps and had (correction…still have) a terrible temper.

With the help of my two aunts, I learned to sew. Aunt Ouida taught me how to sew, Aunt Grace gave me her Featherweight sewing machine when she died. She told me that when I got angry or sad to go sew and make something beautiful with all that energy and emotion. I learned to manage my anger by sewing.

Quilting beats antidepressants and gives me a way to love others. So, why did I make the quilts for Cleburne Bible’s children’s building fund? I am 77 years old and I can’t do the things I used to do for the kids at CBC. No money and no strength. One day as I was praying the thought came to me to make quilts and sell them and donate the money to help the kids at CBC. At first I thought it was a crazy idea, but here we are. Vicki’s sister -in-law was willing to do the finishing work and the staff was willing to let me pursue my crazy idea.

I thank God for my talent and for showing me there’s no retirement in sewing for Him!



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