Marti Wrangler Bible Club

Bible club got started in the fall of 2001 as two Sunday school teachers (Jill Goodgion & Fran Rader) brainstormed ways to share the Sunday school experience (and the gospel) with children who can’t come to church. Using our Sunday school materials, we started with a small group of students at Cooke Elementary. We then moved to Marti when it opened in 2003.

The club meets on Tuesdays after school from 3:30 PM to 4:30 PM at Marti Elementary School, from October to April.

For more information, contact Jill Goodgion at 817-202-0124.

Club Registration


We will have an hour of snacks, songs, and Bible stories each Tuesday from 3:30 to 4:30 at Marti Elementary in the cafeteria.  If your child would like to attend, please complete the information below ASAP,  one completed form per child.

We will follow Marti’s dismissal procedure, so be sure to put your sign in your windshield for pick-up. Also, be sure to make arrangements in advance for your child to be picked up promptly.
If the person who comes to pick up your child does not have the proper pick-up sign on them, they will be required to identify themselves to a WBC representative and complete the sign out roster before removing your child.
If the person picking up your child without the pick-up sign is not on the list provided when your child registered for school, you will have to call the school office in advance and have them communicate with Bible club personnel, in writing, your permission to release your child to a different person (who will need a license for ID).
Please understand that CISD bus transportation is NOT PROVIDED.

Marti Bible Club Registration

Child's Information

Please complete one form per child.
If there are none, please write "none."

Parent/Guardian Information:

Note: We will call you at the above number if your child is not picked up on time. Please be sure that the number provided is correct and updated as necessary.
Used for pick-up purposes.

Persons, other than you, responsible for your child's transportation.

List all who may come for your child. Use the "add" button to enter more persons who may pick-up your child. IMPORTANT: If they are not on the below list, you must call the school office IN ADVANCE and have them notify us of any changes before the pick up time. Your child will not be released to an unauthorized person!