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Membership Night

At Membership Night, members and attenders of Cleburne Bible had a dinner together, followed by a fun game, worship, and sharing of vision and panel discussions.  The video below contains the introductions for each section, and then the following talk or panel discussion.  The times below mark the beginning of each section.

6:55   –   Opening video clip

10:17  –  Dave explains our means for discipleship, the concepts of Team Based Ministry, and how that looks for 3 ministries at CBC.

39:30  –  Front of House Team Leaders, panel discussion.
David denHartog, Tim Biggs, Eric Dumas, Jim Ely (for Steve Steele), Freddia Gray

58:10  –   Membership Team Leaders, panel discussion.
David denHartog, Stephen Burdett, Larry Neutzler, Nina Mangrum, Beth denHartog.
(Most of this discussion is difficult to hear.)

1:18:00  –  Community panel discussion.  Tom Worthley, Mike Griffin, Marc West, Eric Bishop.  (The Community leadership team is still being formed.)

1:46:00  –   Closing remarks.  David denHartog.

This video can also be found here:

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