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Journey to Healing

Lisa Favreau wanted to share her story of what CBC has done for her….

Three years ago, I stepped into CBC. I was very nervous because I have been to churches where people have judged me in the wrong way or wanted me to wear certain clothes. When the service began, I could feel my heart start to fill with gladness. After it was done, I was walking back to my parents’ car when Don Hunt touched my shoulder. I turned around and he smiled and right then I knew that God definitely had me in the right place.

I started the classes to be a member, those classes are a blessing in so many ways! As the classes were going on, I heard about The Journey. I signed up, and had a sponsor. The weekend it started, I could feel my heart begin to come out with all these pieces. As the time went on, I could feel myself heal. I started to remember why I was put on this earth and to never let fear get in the way. I didn’t feel beautiful – I never put on makeup or anything but when I started going to The Journey, I started to feel beautiful and worth it.

After two weeks in The Journey I was baptized by Don Hunt! I wanted him to do it because he honestly was the one who kept me going in the church. That day was the day I will never forget!

I went through The Journey two more times because I had more to get out. I had more pain and heartache to deal with; that I needed to heal even more so than before.

God knew what He was doing. I want to say thank you to the staff and the people I call family at CBC because without their love of Christ and their love for me, I wouldn’t be who I am today!

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