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God’s Servant

“How CBC has Impacted My Walk With God” by Russ Buford

During my early years I had a strong Christian belief but around the age of 13, I strayed. As the song Amazing Grace says: “I once was lost but now I am found.” I came back to Jesus at age 61 – due in no small part to my wife’s input and support. However, when I looked at those intervening 48 years, I see many instances where God had his hand on me to help me survive. There just was no other explanation but at the time I wasn’t recognizing it, nor giving credit to him. I accepeted Jesus as my saviour in 2006 – which was preceeded by God bringing my wife into my life 5 years prior. It took me another appproximately 10 years to what I am today. Obviously I am not the “fast learner” I thought I was!!

My wife and I moved from Ft. Worth in 2017, where we attended a church in which I felt somewhat overwhelmed with duties because of the small congregation. It seemed to be more work for other people rather than God, so my focus was not proper ….and I knew something was missing in my spiritual walk. We looked for a church as soon as we moved to Cleburne. CBC was the first church we visited and it felt like to me like the right fit from day one. From the Bible based sermons as well as the worship songs selected (especially for me the old country flavored gospels!) I felt a comfort I had not felt in church before. We also were welcomed from the minute we walked through the doors that first day.

Soon after I was able to join the Men’s Bible study on Wednesday evenings. It was here that real changes began for me. Initially I was a believer, but primarily in word only. Looking back, I see how my actions didn’t match my words. Through the 33 Series of Authentic Manhood my eyes were, and continue to be, opened to what a Christian man really is. Though I have walked closer to Jesus since coming here, I know I’ve many steps yet to take. Being able to have the fellowship with other men has been instrumental in opening my heart to Christ. I also would encourage other men to attend these studies.

Daily now I am searching for ways to serve our God. I have come to discover that my EVERY action and word is important in advancing his kingdom…others are always watching what I do and say! I am now not hesitant to let others know of my Christian beliefs – something that wasn’t a part of my life before.

My Christian journey has been short to date but now I feel God working through me and what an honor that is. Thanks to CBC and Men’s Bible Study for putting me on the right path.



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